Favorite Online Resources

There are a number of wonderful online resources available to assist in web design, coding practices, accessibility, and usability. The following are a few recommendations.


By far the best set of videos for learning just about any kind of software - SharePoint, Photoshop, InDesign, Premier Pro...just about anything you might want to learn. It is not free, but the cost is much, much less than taking in-person courses and you can watch things over and over if you need to.
Beginning, intermediate and advanced HTML (but directed toward XHTML) and CSS with focus on separation of content (HTML) and presentation (CSS).
A-Z tutorials (HTML, XML, client and server scripting, .NET, multimedia), examples, quizzes, references.

Validation Services


Site Valet

Design and Management

Web Style Guide
Sections on process, interface design, site design, page design, typography, editorial style, graphics, and multimedia.


Writing for the Web
Research on how users read on the Web and how authors should write their Web pages.