Hi folks,

Boy, can we plan a vacation or what. We are staying in a hotel that is one block off the waterfront in downtown  Halifax. They say Hurricane Juan was a Category 1 hurricane, but the forward speed made it more like a Category 3. It hit last night about 11 pm and made quite a racket. Power was out most of the night - luckily we had enough sense to pick up some emergency candles and matches yesterday afternoon. We are one of the lucky ones with power that returned this morning. And even when the power was out, we still had high speed internet access!

Other than being hungry (no food service in the hotel or any where near here - yet), we are okay. They still have blue laws in Nova Scotia, so hardly anything was open yesterday so it was hard to even stock up on anything. We are still under a state of emergency - hopefully the hotel in Lunenburg (tomorrow) is still standing. Can call - no phone service.

Besides the hurricane, our luggage was held hostage in Montreal for a day and I came down with a nasty cold/sore throat. It has been an adventure so far!

-- Ruth

September 29, 2003

We went out driving - looking for food and coffee. Geez, how stupid. Power lines and trees down everywhere and raining very hard at the time.

The water front took a lot of damage.

This dock was split in about three parts. There was a for sale sign on it yesterday.

This boat was floating yesterday - today it is just the masts sitting above water. This boat was built by a man 30 years ago and he lived on the boat. He is okay, but the boat isn't.

The force of the waves buckled the pavement.

We walked along this water front yesterday.

Even took some of the windows out of the buildings up the street from the water front.

More buckled pavement.

Gee, almost looks like an earthquake!

This morning the glass blowers were back at work.