Just For Fun

We have lots of hobbies and since I've spent so many years working on the web, many of our hobbies end up on the web. The following are just a few examples.

Photographic Guild of Los Gatos
We have been members of the guild for many years. We have monthly photographic events and meetings, and a couple longer trips each year. In 2003 we went to Nova Scotia and we experienced our first hurricane (Hurrican Juan). In 2007 we spent 18 days touring England and Wales.
Blossom Hill Crafts
We have both been potters at Blossom Hill Crafts since 1991. We now sell enough at the three annual sales to offset the cost of going to the studio.
Yosemite in Winter
We were staying in Bass Lake in December 2002. The weather was awful, but then it snowed and the next day the sun came out. We headed on up to the Yosemite valley (90 miles on chains!) and found an incredible scene. Anyone would have taken beautiful pictures that day!